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There are numerous applications of the various gases and their mixtures; utilizing technology we can help you separate yourself from your competition. We can do this by reducing your production costs, increasing your production capacity, and increase the longevity and quality of your final product. We have vast experience developing special applications, reducing costs, and consumption volumes.

Some of the most important uses are:

Hospitals and Clinics
Oxygen generators
Central Vacuum
Air centers
Fixed oxygen and vacuum exits

Security and Services
Protective  caps for cylinders.
Hydrostatic test for high pressure cylinders.

Oxygen for Hotels located above 1500 meters altitude
We will program oxygen generators according to your needs. We can manage and control pipe distribution systems, chemical volumes, and installations in Spas, Gyms and Massage rooms. We can help you provide your clients a comfortable and memorable stay by offering them the oxygen required to avoid altitude sickness that affects our tourists.

Thermal treatment

Industrial Process Technology
Processes to prevent combustion or fire due to dust explosions.

Chemical Industry
Reactive Gasses for production
Death Gases in order to prevent fire and explosions
Oxygen for combustion processes
Specialized Gases for use in the laboratory
Factories for gas recovering

Specialized gases for producing electronic components like semi conductive gases.
Counseling, planning, building and starting of new systems with gas supplier.

Environmental Technology
Treatment for potable water, treatment for waste water, canal protection for fish farms.

Control of emissions, treatment of disposable air, gas calibrating, chromatography of gases, treatment of special waste, recovering of disposable gases, management of toxic gases.

Special Gases for using in Industrial Laboratories
Helium UHP, Argon UHP, Nitrogen generators, Hydrogen Generators, Zero Gas Generators, Calibrating Gas Generators


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