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Equipment Sales and Installation

Industry – Mining – Petro Chemist - Hospitals

Oxygen PSA gas generation system.
Nitrogen PSA gas generation system.
Nitrogen Membrane gas generators system. Ver diagrama en una página aparte...
New and second hand Cryogenic plants.
Medicinal vacuum system.
Medicinal air system.
Built in wall mounted gas supply valves.
Medical accessories flowmeters and regulators oxygen, nitrogen, air, vacuum and others.
Design, installation and/or modification of oxygen and other atmospheric 12gases networks.
Bedroom oxygen system for rooms in hotels at high altitude..
Sistemas de alarmas para gases automáticas y semiautomáticas.
Transfilling compressed gase centers.
Equipment for Hydrostatic testing.
Cylinders for oxygen, nitrogen, CO2, Air and others.
Cylinder Caps. Ver más fotografías....

Lab equipments:

The perfect alternative for gas cylinders, to reduce your costs and eliminate the risk of working at high pressures:  Generators are designed in order to satisfy your needs of oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, zero gas, inert gas, calibrating gas and high purity air.

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